Welcome to the Blue Light Food Guide! 

A guide to the best food outlets in your area by the emergency service personnel who know and work on your streets every day.  Good honest reviews from the people who have found the best Indian, Chinese or Thai takeaways; the best sandwiches, deli’s, pies, restaurants.....or where to get the best coffee and cake! Reviews from people, who through years of working in your area, have found the independent businesses who provide good quality food, drink and service.

So, if you work in the Emergency Services, sign up and share your knowledge, photos and stories with your colleagues, so that no matter where they are in the world they can find the best places to go....find out where they recommend for you!  If you’re not in the Emergency Services, no problem, feel free to use the guide to find these places that have been found through tried and tested local knowledge. 

Apps are in development.  Meantime,  add the guide onto your home screen of your phone, so that it's always at your finger tips wherever you go.  All the best and enjoy. 

Blue Light Food Guide team.